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Vous pouvez taper le nom de la ville que vous souhaitez envoyer fleur

About us

Our company was established in 1995

It has been operating with the aim of marketing flowers and performing services that will transform them into more effective and efficient structures with current technological developments.
He has been a member of Interflora Florists Association which has gathered the flower companies in the world since 1995.
has entered the service of customers through the internet, which is a requirement of our age.

With the power it receives from the references based on the satisfaction of the institutions it serves, it constructs its working structure under the title of quality trust on the criteria of growing, rising and trusting.

The advantage of this is to define the needs of the customer accurately and to produce solutions to support the main idea of ​​having a structure that is open to development and innovative, with the understanding of the service based on the assimilation of the correct and universal quality from the communication and commercial information of the customers it serves before.

Today, all solutions for the retail sector in Turkey and Interflora network in the world with widespread customer satisfaction with our company offers quality-oriented attitude with a sense of responsibility to sustain and continuously gives the greatest most reliable service.

7/24 hours of quality flowers and service with our services will always be as close as a button.