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You can type the city name you want to send flower

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1. All products are carefully prepared and offered for sale in our online store.
Our flowers are of the same quality and if you do not find a suitable composition on our website, you can send us a photo of the composition you are interested in and we will collect any bouquet at your request. Delivery of flowers to other countries, Color and size of the bouquet may vary depending on the country.

2. If we do not catch you at home, at the time of delivery of your order. You can not worry we will leave your order to your neighbors. Or we will contact you by phone and tell you where it will be convenient for you to pick up your order. If you are in a hotel, we will leave your order at the reception or at the guard.

3. If you make your order before 13.00, then the delivery of your order will be on the same day. For orders made after 19.00, delivery will be the next day.

4. Delivery times are always carried out with accuracy, given to you obligations. But sometimes there are force majeure circumstances, independent of us. For example: weather conditions, traffic jams, etc. In this regard, the delivery time can vary.

5 In case you did not correctly indicate the address or the name of the hotel, our company is not responsible for this. Delivery will be made the next day if you pay the full cost of the bouquet. Since the courier still drove the flowers and looked for the recipient

6. On such important days as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Women's Day. We try to fulfill all the delivery of your orders on time. But these days a lot of orders and in this regard, the delivery time can not move much. We apologize in advance.

7. Even if you make your order on Sunday, we will also deliver it on the same day, within Turkey.

8. On our website all prices are indicated with delivery to major cities. If your order needs to be delivered to a small village, the price may vary. Depending on the distance of your location from the center. If we can not deliver your order, due to your great distance from the city. That all the money you spent, we return to you.

9. If you make an order for sending abroad, due to the time difference with different countries. We advise you to make an order one day before the expected date of delivery, so that then there are no problems with the delivery on time of your order. On Saturdays and Sundays, delivery is not carried out abroad.

10. We want to warn you in advance that there are circumstances related to the low-quality work of the Internet and e-mail. In this regard, there are delays and failures in the delivery of orders, for reasons beyond our control.

11. If you made an order and then decided to cancel it, so you do not get penalties from you. If your order is made for delivery in Turkey: You need to cancel it within 3 hours. If your order is made with delivery abroad - within one day.

12. As soon as your order is delivered to the addressee, we will immediately notify you by e-mail. If your order is sent abroad, the delivery notification will come a little later.

13. We carry out your order according to your requirements, but sometimes there is no such color of flowers in stock. In this case, we will make your order with a different color chosen by you colors.